Note from Bryn

Dear visitor,

Bryn here :)

I just want to circumvent 3rd person for a sec and talk to you 1-on-1.

First of all, thank you for visiting my website. Out of all the millions of sites you could be on right now, you're here and that means a lot. I hope there is something you find here to enjoy, share, or learn from. I'm sure you'd wish the same if I were on your site.

As life has unfolded I've started to notice some fascinating dots connect. Perhaps the most prominent for me is the fact that I was born with severe asthma and am now a professional harmonica player - a most unlikely, almost unbelievable event. It seems my greatest weakness has morphed into my greatest strength. Coincidence? Perhaps - but it's more fun to think of it as fate. To think I spent the majority of my childhood and teen years carrying around puffers and now I carry around mouth harps is an absolute delight for me.

I suspect you may have some parallels in your own life - early life experiences that have flipped upside down in adulthood and have made you into the magnificent human being you are today. If you haven't discovered any yet, just keep looking - I guarantee there's something there to be found.

Since the moment I was born on my living room floor and refused to open my eyes, I opened my ears instead. Since then, I've learned to open my eyes too, play a handful of instruments, write and produce songs, build a recording studio, lift 400lbs, and cook a mean omelette. Life is full of multiplicities for me, and I've discovered that having a lack of unifying force is actually a strength I prefer to nurture.

​The truth is, no single title ever really reflects what any of us do or what we’re capable of. Over the years, I have ‘been’ many things: a paper delivery boy, airbnb host, personal trainer, property manager, food-delivery driver, house painter, construction worker, dish washer, teacher, small business owner, art dealer, handyman, boyfriend, son, sibling, friend, foe, entertainer, fool. All of these things have shaped who I am and who I’m becoming.

Now I channel it all through melodies, harmonies, rhythms, poetic words and an endless waterfall of textures, timbres, and vibrations and I help others do the same. Humans typically call this being "a musician." 

Sure, I'll take that title - sounds a bit overly medical to me, but I dig the root of the word - "Muse!"

Such a great word. In fact, I used to have an awesome dog called Muesli (but I prefer the spelling "Musely").

​Miss that pooch.

Anyhow, I'm not your typical strung out, rubber to the road rockstar kind of musician. I prefer to eat blueberries, deadlift, take long walks in the sunshine and listen to the birds chirp out their mystical morse code. I mostly keep to myself, my family and a few close friends and I hope one day to have a big Von Trapp family where we can all play music together all way from DO to TI and back again.

If you’re inspired, have a question, comment, or are interested in booking me for harmonica session work, a live show, private house concert or event, please scribble me a note on my contact page. You can also follow me on instagram at @brynscottgrimes and subscribe below for my monthly music releases, upcoming shows, and other entertaining news. 

Thank you for reading. You're a charm to write for.

Breathe on,