harmonica lessons

With over a decade of professional harmonica playing experience & 3,000+ harmonica lessons taught, Bryn is one of the most successful & thorough harmonica instructors on the planet. Whether you're a beginner looking to pick up the instrument for the first time or a seasoned pro looking to push your limits, Bryn creates study programs that will naturally lead you to the next level of your creative abilities. All of Bryn's students get a free 30-day trial to his BENDR app, housing a massive treasure trove of harmonica courses, study material, songs, riffs, backing tracks and beyond.


"Bryn’s teaching methodology is great. He’s patient when someone is struggling with a new concept and his fundamental knowledge of music is very strong and it comes off in his confidence explaining an idea or concept through his videos. Bryn's approach to teaching makes it feel as though you are re-learning an instrument that you put down for a while, even when it is totally foreign and new. He has the perfect combination of patience and passion, as shown in his ability to shift from helping as you struggle through the basics, to explaining complex theory or challenging you in improvisation. Totally invaluable when it comes to growing musically."

"Thank you so much for all that you have taught me in the last two years.  Because teaching music is what I do every day, it was so nice to be the student once a week.  You were so patient with my beginner sounds, you taught me how to control my air, and even though embouchure, is such an abstract concept, you were able to give me concrete explanations of how to shape my mouth to get bends.  You always had amazing repertoire ideas and I really appreciated the time it took for you to record slower versions of songs and email them to me so it would be easier for me to learn. I think that even though it was the hardest technique for me to learn, I had the most fun whenever we did beat boxing harmonica!  I also appreciated how you always broke concepts down for me.  It reminded me that I should do the same for my students.  You really do have a wealth of musical knowledge when it comes to the harmonica and I'm so glad that you shared it with me for the past two years."

"“The breathing habits, which Bryn has helped me develop and the musical expression, while learning the harmonica have contributed to opening my eyes to potential and ability I didn’t know I had. In under a year, I have learned to play a great number of songs, which I wanted to learn. Also, I have learned to improvise in a number of different positions and playing along with other instruments. Bryn is an amazing teacher and his musical knowledge with the harmonica is diverse and well-rounded into many genres and styles. He teaches in a way that really works and is exceptionally patient."

“It's difficult to write this without coming across as insincere and hyperbolic, but every word I write is true. Bryn has knowledge of the harmonica that is as boundless as his love for the instrument. He is constantly developing new playing techniques to push the medium forward, and this is his approach to teaching as well. He has pushed my own playing forward significantly, fostering good habits and a solid foundation of technique, without ever being dry or sucking the fun out of the instrument. Quite the opposite actually. Bryn easily has the potential to rival the greats of the instrument, even join them outright, if he hasn't already. Learning from him through his online courses is a unique opportunity, and if you're interested in learning the harmonica, there is no one better.”

Still have questions? Message Bryn here. Please note, at this time Bryn does not offer 1-off lessons, just packages.